May / June 2023: Our company 02815797 is now thirty years old, with three slightly different birthdays. It was registered on 6th May 1993, by Severnside Nominees Ltd, as Smartdale Ltd, was bought off-the-shelf by Peter Hollands and Barbara Sotowicz on 3rd June 1993 and re-named Bloomsbury Minerals Economics Ltd on 11th June 1993.

May 2023: Martin Hollands was appointed a director of Xilva AG.

May 2023: Cascadia Seaweed Corp launched two divisions, Cascadia Plant Health (liquid seaweed extracts and farm bio-stimulants) and Cascadia Animal Health (feed supplements for dairy and beef farming).

April 2023: staffing at Mutinex reached forty, which is double the level when Bloomsbury first invested, one year earlier.

March 2023: BME’s associate company Metal Price Analytics developed the mathematics of a chrome (ore) concentrates price model.

February 2023: BIC participated in an AUD 5M financing round at Mutinex, led by the venture capital company Equity Venture Partners (EVP) of Australia. Mutinex’s post-money valuation was AUD 37M. BIC owns 4%+.

January 2023: Martin Hollands was appointed Observer on the Board of Xilva and Simon Benney appointed a Director of Minviro.

January 2023: BIC bought 4%+ of the equity in Minviro of the UK, which produces software and undertakes consultancy for minimisation of the environmental footprint of mining, metallurgy and end use.

November 2022: Mutiny was re-branded as Mutinex.

October 2022: Skarn Associates’ carbon intensity data were made available also on the Agora supply chain emissions platform, by Palantir.

September 2022: Cascadia Seaweed was awarded CAD 4.3M of funding by SDTC of Canada. This funding will help support not only the expansion of kelp farms to 100 ha but also the building of an agrifeed processing facility.

August 2022: Bloomsbury Natural Capital took 6%+ of the convertible loan financing round of the Swiss company Xilva (forestry related FinTech).

August 2022: Martin Hollands was appointed Senior Advisor to the Board of Cascadia Seaweed Corp, on Ecosystem Services & Restorative Aquaculture.

July 2022: Bloomsbury Minerals Economics participated in the second financing round at Skarn Associates.

July 2022: Simon Benney was appointed to the Board of Progressive Growth Partners (‘Mutinex’).

June 2022: Bloomsbury Information Capital bought 4%+ of the equity in SaaS company Progressive Growth Partners of Australia, trading as ‘Mutiny’ (now ‘Mutinex’).

May 2022: Bloomsbury Information Capital was formed: Directors Peter Hollands, Simon Benney, Barbara Sotowicz.

April 2022: Bloomsbury Natural Capital raised its stake in Cascadia Seaweed from 2.2% to 4.2%.

February 2022: James Griffiths was appointed Bloomsbury Natural Capital’s Senior Advisor, Forestry.

November 2021: Bloomsbury Natural Capital bought 2.2% of Cascadia Seaweed Corp of Canada.

August 2021: Bloomsbury Natural Capital was formed: Directors Peter Hollands, Martin Hollands, Barbara Sotowicz.

June 2021: Roskill was sold to Wood Mackenzie.

February 2021: A Metal Price Analytics article by Adam Sotowicz and Peter Hollands was published in The Northern Miner: “How the maths can help you understand the price behaviour of base metals”.

November 2020: Bloomsbury Minerals Economics’ stake in Roskill was raised from 38% to 40%.

September 2020: Simon Benney was appointed a Director of Bloomsbury Minerals Economics.

May 2020: Martin Hollands was appointed a Director of Skarn Associates.

March 2020: Bloomsbury Minerals Economics participated in the seed capital round of Skarn Associates’ of the UK (mining and metals environmental data).

January 2020: Martin Hollands was appointed a Director of Bloomsbury Minerals Economics.

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