Forestry & Seaweed

Cascadia Seaweed Corp of British Columbia, Canada

Bloomsbury Natural Capital (BNC) has a 4% equity stake in Cascadia Seaweed Corp of British Columbia. BNC’s Director Martin Hollands is Senior Advisor to the Cascadia Board, on Ecosystem Services and Restorative Aquaculture.

Cascadia was founded in January 2019 and has grown very rapidly, with the team now approaching thirty people. It currently has seven farms (19 hectares in total) operating in five geographic areas plus one further large site (7 hectares) due to start up shortly. It works in close partnership with First Nations. Seaweeds presently cultivated by Cascadia are sugar kelp, winged kelp, giant kelp and Pacific dulse.

Primary processing is done at Nanaimo. Cascadia is researching potential use of cold-water seaweeds in cattle feed, with the aim of reducing bovine methane emissions, and is researching potential use of its seaweeds in producing bio-stimulants for agriculture, thus enhancing plant growth, increasing resistance to disease and drought, and reducing the need for artificial fertilizers.

Kelp absorbs excess nutrients from seawater and sequesters carbon, thus reducing ocean acidification. Seaweed cultivation also significantly increases local marine biodiversity and can reduce coastal erosion. Currently, Cascadia is participating in research using underwater video cameras to help evaluate kelp farms as habitat for migrating salmonids and their prey.

Xilva AG of Switzerland

Bloomsbury Natural Capital (BNC) has just made an initial investment in Xilva, having taken 6% of their first convertible loan financing round. BNC will have board representation.

Xilva is an early-stage company, with a staff of eleven and rising. It provides an easy-to-use digital global marketplace, quickly bringing together capital, forest-positive projects and portfolios of projects, be they ‘reforestation’, ‘avoided deforestation’ or ‘improved forest management’. Xilva’s global marketplace reduces transaction costs and shortens lead times dramatically. By accelerating investment in forests, the company adds to the pace of carbon sequestration, besides yielding more biodiversity, water and employment benefits.

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